Let there be light: OCHRE

After last week featured nods to light designers, I went on a search for more beautiful lighting. Lighting can often be overlooked in a room, but, like windows, they can add so much character and depth. I’m forever dimming lights and turning switches on and off (to the annoyance of the boyf) trying to create nice lighting. I’m not sure if you’d even need to turn on these lights by OCHRE, so pretty and sculptural are they. My favourite’s the Arctic Pear chandelier – party because that’s a cool name, but mainly because it looks like it’s made of huge, beautiful drops of water. OCHRE is a British company, with a showroom in London and a retail store in New York. They also design furniture and accessories, and I gotta say, their style is pretty much impeccable. Enjoy!

Images link to source.

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2 thoughts on “Let there be light: OCHRE

  1. beautiful! I adore this xxx Cat

  2. I’m in love with the first two!!!

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