The Aim Game

I need aims. Without an aim I can become a sofa-loving, cheetos-eating, trashy-Daily-Mail-online-reader (“Celebrity” Wears Clothes! Gasp!). I.e a general mess. So aims, yes, they’re great. But, I go through phases of knowing exactly what I want and equally not having a clue, having to rethink my beloved aims.  I’d say it’s a 70/30 split in favour of the former, but every now and again I feel like I need some reassurance – my last few weeks have been full of transitions, and in case anyone was in any doubt, I can confirm: change is hard! But never fear, some arty, crafty people are out there to help things – cue Signs of Vintage. Their lovely signs of inspirational and motivational quotes are just the ticket to re-affirm those aims and dreams. I like them because they’re not twee or soppy, but straightforward messages on nicely designed boards. Here are my three favourites:

What’s your favourite motivational quote?

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3 thoughts on “The Aim Game

  1. fantastic! I am loving your blog 🙂 xx Cat

  2. I love the first one… so true. 🙂

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