West Dorset Luxury: Axnoller

Now if someone told me they’d booked an ‘Axnoller‘ house for their holiday I would imagine something Nordic, something masculine, my mind would probably wander to Thor aka Chris Hemsworth and I’d lose a few minutes to a steamy daydream. But, once I was back in the room I would realise that in fact Axnoller provide luxurious holiday homes in the very English Dorset countryside, catering to both genders, offering a far more wholesome steamy experience with their copious steam rooms. We’re talking proper luxury here, with the possibility of having your own chef or spa therapist at your beck and call. Delivering a Hollywood movie star/Norse god may be beyond their capabilities though…

They offer three houses but the one below is my favourite. My dream New Year’s Eve party would be set here. I love how cocooning yet spacious it seems. The two other houses available, Voltaire and Burggraaf, each have their own style too. If you need a mental escape this Tuesday morning take a peek at their website and ogle the house galleries.

All images link to source.

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