An East End Mickey Mouse

Here’s the second house (from in our little tour of the East End (in cockney rhyming slang, ‘mickey mouse’ means house, so see what I did there). While walking around Hackney last week, I definitely didn’t feel cool enough. There’s an edge to the fashion round these parts, with lots of well-clad fashion students pounding the streets looking like Kate Moss in the ’90s. I feel like I need to roll up my fashion sleeves and toughen my style – I’ve already invested in a new pot of black liquid eyeliner to ease the transition. This house kinda illustrates what I mean..

Look at this perfectly manicured garden! I have a bit of a thing for topiary; it’s like a leafy stamp of affluence, isn’t it?

Okay, so we’ve got a nice, warm dining area. Nothing too edgy yet. I’m in love with the squishy leather armchair.

Lovely frothy coffee neutrals.

Loving the deep red cabinetry, and the colour gradation from dark to light.

Beautiful piano, side table and door. Things are getting a bit darker…

Then BOOM! Edge edge edge. It’s the black walls and that centrepiece painting that do it.

The other side of the living room. That mould of the head, covered with Roy Lichtenstein pop, art injects some colour. See how cool East End people are?! Pop art heads!

This is a close up of the glass in the door leading from the piano room (the entrance hall actually).

This is the master bedroom although it doesn’t seem to feature a normal double bed. But that’s alright, because it’s got a white Barcelona leather daybed, a vintage dresser and bespoke white curved lampshade.

Mac. Standard.

I like how the shower head looks like a futuristic microphone.

Vintage wooden chair placed in front of frosted glass cabinet with snazzy shelf lighting. Great tones of warm wood against white, soft greys and black.

See? It’s a blend of cutting-edge style with vintage classics, all without looking too showy or expensive. Like it just naturally happened. Shouldn’t be too hard to channel into a wardrobe…right..?

I may need help in my attempt to fit into the East End!

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8 thoughts on “An East End Mickey Mouse

  1. we like your work,well done

  2. I really like European homes

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