Formica Tables

So I arrived back home yesterday, leaving behind my student house and student days. My mum informed me that I now a ‘graduand’ – the official term for when you’re awaiting your degree, when technically you are no longer a student but not yet a graduate. The student loans company obviously no longer see me as a student either, as they shrunk my last instalment meaning no money for survival over summer, meaning I am skint skint skint! Knowing this, and how I’m moving to London on Monday to start my new job (as an assistant to an interior designer eee!), my mum has said that I can raise some funds by selling off all the random junk in the shed. ‘Random junk’ turns out to be many, many West German pots my dad collected (not much to my taste), and a lovely Formica table which we’d forgotten all about. I don’t have a picture as it’s all dusty and is currently the resting place of a particularly heavy guinea-pig cage, but it’s blue overlaid with black geometric patterns. I love how many different types of Formica tables there are, and how stylish, durable and adaptable they are. Here is a selection of Pinterest’s finest. (I’ll let you know if I manage to sell my Formica!)

Formica works so well in Summer and with summery colours! Great accessorising here with retro oranges, blues and greens.

This is more of a sophisticated example of a Formica table, but the flash of the 70s print textile in the bottom right corner still shows its a retro scheme.

Cute cute cute. Again, another illustration of how well Formica tables work will other colours.

Yellow seems to be the most popular colour for these tables. I think this one is beautiful. The curved underside and legs are very elegant, the chrome offset by the gorgeous black floor. This has a very Italian feel for me.

A more modern setting here, with a monochrome scheme livened up with a great shade of yellow.

All images link back to Pinterest source.

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2 thoughts on “Formica Tables

  1. Love the round yellow one! Gorgeous find.

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