Summer: The Season to Dress Up, Drink and Dance!

Ball/wedding/party season is upon us (despite the awful British weather we’re having at the moment), and as myself and friends have all been going to end of year/graduation balls I thought I’d post some of the nicest ball interiors images I found after a pinterest session. If I was to throw a huge party, I’d want it to be a merge of all of the below!

This is just beautiful. I love the trailing tablecloth which manages to look elegant rather than messy. The mismatched chairs trend is visible here in a different, more grown-up way.

I don’t think I’d be able to stop looking up! I love how the ceiling is reflected in the mirrored bases of the tables.

There’s lots of outdoor dinner/reception photos around, yet I chose this one for it’s simplicity and elegance.

A much more modern ballroom located in Paris.

And a party wouldn’t be a party without a good bar.  I like how this one’s curtained off, so you can  have your own private party in here!

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