Could You Fill A Seven Bedroom House? – Kensington, London

This house in Kensington, on sale here, (link to original listing also through clicking picture above) has, yep, you guessed it, SEVEN bedrooms. Seven! And for only just under 5 million I should expect so! Inside it’s great – unlike many London properties in this area around this price, it’s not at all stuffy. It’s cool, modern and quirky, with lots of personality and individuality. From the picture above I just love the lamp post, very old fashioned, but perfectly London.

Great kitchen. Everyone knows white and wood go hand in hand, bit it’s jazzed up with some nice little accessories, such as that spindle stool and the colourful pots along the top of the cupboards.

I think I like the combo of wood and white so much because it provides such a great canvas for colour. The room is really tied together by that rainbow print.

Next up, the living room. The first thing I see is the rug, I love it. Again, this room is very neutral, with colour introduced through the cushions, artworks and books. Also, what a great door – so wide and solid looking.

Double aspect with bay windows mean tons of light reaches this room.

What a gorgeous little dressing room space. I love the subtle late 60s/early 70s vibe in here! It’s from those lounge chairs – the shape and the print of the fabric.

I like this bedroom, but it lacks the polish of the other rooms. From this photo it looks a little cramped, with the sofas too close to the bed. I also think the bedspread needs to have more life. The right pattern would be great, in a dark brown perhaps, just to add a bit more drama to the room.

Great colourful kids’ room.

Such a classy bathroom! I have an obsession with sash windows so I’m immediately sold. My next favourite things are the classic brick tiles and the traditional sink.

We’re not given a look at the other 5/6 bedrooms (I presume the dressing room was one), but what a task to do the entire house up to the standard we’ve already seen! I wonder if the owner used an interior designer, or their own ideas?

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5 thoughts on “Could You Fill A Seven Bedroom House? – Kensington, London

  1. Lagos on said:

    It looks amazing! If I were rich I would totally jump on this. Great Feature!

  2. Beautiful! Makes me want to grab a few gallons of white paint this weekend and clear my own canvas.

  3. I love to have discovered an interior design blogger from London! Gorgeous house too in one of the best areas in town. Actually looking to move soon very close to Kensington, although to a place not quite of this size.

    • Oh I’m so sorry to disappoint but I’m afraid I don’t live here! I just found the interiors and shared them here! I wish I lived here though, because you’re right this place is in one of the best parts of town!

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