Mint To Be: Match Your Home to Your Dress!

Mint was a huge colour on the catwalks for S/S 2012, and as fashion influences home here are some of the best examples of using the colour de jour in your house. The SMEG fridge above is DIVINE! It undercuts the very grown-up walnut and white colour scheme wonderfully, teaming up with the light fixtures along the wall to make the space fun.

How cute! For some reason I imagine this as a baby’s room? I think it’s the calm colours and slinky curves everywhere. I’m liking the mint on mint combo.

This’d be a pretty bleak dining room without those mint chairs. I think I’d love to see them all in different shades of mint though, instead of just the same shade.

Gorgeous classic panelling totally works when painted mint. This is a softer mint that works well in period properties, as tonally it’s similar to duck egg blue and all those soft Fired Earth colours.

The mint walls here add to the sophistication, enhancing and tying together the browns and whites.

And a minty fresh bath-tub to finish on!

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8 thoughts on “Mint To Be: Match Your Home to Your Dress!

  1. Mint green ❤

  2. I like the soft,soft minty green walls but could I live with a fridge that color?? Hmmm?

  3. That’s the thing, you’ve got to be deeply in love with mint to put it on something like your fridge (- an item integral to the key parts of my days!).

  4. I love that industrial style dining room with the mint chairs… and the bath….(ps is that a bottle of whisky by the bath? :-))

  5. Lovely post! This mint patterned pillow on the mint rocker is such a lovely combination 🙂

  6. I came across that mint fridge when I was putting together a post on pastels. I love it. But, that bathtub has to be my favorite. Beautiful picture selection. I think I’ve been converted to a mint lover.

  7. I love this colour at the moment. And I want that bathroom! A gorgeous inspirational post.

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