Tufnell Park, London

This blog has allowed me to develop my own design tastes, and I’m aware that I’m partial to the Scandinavian classic contemporary look: parquet flooring, white walls and great windows, coupled with splashes of fun colours and personality. Yet while this is how I think I would initially design my own home (once I move out of renting and houseshares that is!), I do also love a sophisticated, traditional look. This property, found at Chesterton Humberts, is an example of great traditional design – not dated, not modern, just comfortable, beautiful pieces of furniture, harmonising perfectly with  muted walls and chandeliers. This is the sort of easy elegance and glamour I just love.

This is a very typical layout of a Georgian house in London, two reception rooms knocked into a more open play layout, but still with enough distinguished architectural features to designate two different spaces. I love the old, beaten up chest serving as a coffee table.

This kitchen is such a breath of fresh air from all the shiny, sleek, white ones out there. The brick tiles are back in fashion now, but they really belong in this type of design , with the butler sink, Aga cooker and the shabby but gorgeous wooden cupboards. The red tiles are very traditional, and great to see in a world dominated by bland flooring. It may look quite small, but the room adjoining we just get a peek at is actually a Breakfast Room, so could be incorporated into the kitchen, but actually I like having a separate room just for breakfast – how relaxing not to have to look at all the washing up to be done!

Also, this house may look quite small from the images here, but it’s actually huge: set over three floors are 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms (3 en-suite), a gym, a garage, a roof terrace and a long garden.

I adore this bedroom. It’s the window dressing, the bed frame and the wallpaper that do it for me. So sumptuous, but without being over the top. The hat perched on the chair seems to sum up the persona of this house: nonchalant and sophisticated.

This, for me, is the swoon room. What a stunning bathroom. It’s huge! That rug! That metal roll-top bathrub! That two-legged sink! That double shower! It’s too much! I think I may have broken the exclamation mark button!!!

What can I say, whoever designed this has taste.

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4 thoughts on “Tufnell Park, London

  1. THAT is a serious bathroom! And a bit of a dance hall…
    Can’t decide what I love best about the kitchen!

  2. Haha you’re right it is a bit of a dance hall! It’s very elegant and dramatic without being pretentious which I love! ‘Fraid I can’t help out with the kitchen because I can’t choose either! 🙂

  3. Photos really show off design elements and your comments are great! – Renee

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