Bridgehampton, NY

So Bridgehampton in the state of New York seems like a nice place! Lots of nice properties too, looking at the Saunders website where this listing is placed. The price is ‘Upon Demand,’ so we’re talking millions here people. I do like a good sweeping driveway (I’m learning to drive at the moment, so have become a little bit car/driving/driveway obsessed).

The house was apparently ‘renovated and updated in 1997 has been featured in magazines’. Take a look, what do you think?Lots of land with this property.

It’s got a strong country charm running throughout.

Sophisticated beach chic this says to me.

Wicker wicker wicker!

I especially like the stainless steel with all the wood. Contrasts nicely, and toughens the place up a bit. 

This bedroom is gorgeous. I love all the floral prints.

I do like the bedstead choices in this house.

I think there needs to be more of a feature made of out the bed – a nice piece of artwork above it would tie this together more I think. But I do like the sunny yellow colour choice.. 

The angle of the bed seems a bit awkward, but still, a lovely room.

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One thought on “Bridgehampton, NY

  1. Great blog. Beautiful pics.

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