Palm Beach, Florida

This unassuming house in Palm Beach is in fact harbouring the work of AD 100 architect Campion A. Platt. Check out his website to lose at least an hour of your time just browsing through all his work. This house has also been featured on the AD website, saying that Platt himself owned the house and used it as a summer home. Let’s take a look!

This painting is either hung in front of the mirror, or what looks like the frame is actually the wall left blank instead of covered with mirrors. Either way, it’s an unusual feature and I love it. And where better to keep your giant seashell?

The ocean influence decorations, like the coral pieces and pebble box here, add to the house’s summer holiday feel.

Loving this deep pink. It works so well with the dark wood floor, adding some fun to what are some very sophisticated furnishings. I’d love to have a good look at that side table as well, I can’t discern what have given it that bobbly texture.

Another well placed wall mirror.

(Image via Architectural Digest)

The pink works so well with the greenery outside.

These chairs are coool. And I really like banquette seating for dining.

Suddenly we’re on safari! There are quite a few animal prints in here but the different sizes and harmonious tones mean they don’t overpower each other. Also I think the carpet in the dining room also features here on the ceiling!

This is the outdoor sitting room. Again more taupes, creams and browns, pepped up by the reflection of the greenery outside and the blue accessories. I think that light fitting looks like some prehistoric creepy crawly…

Lovely classic bedroom, with slight oriental feel.

I do love yellow! I didn’t realise it until recently, I just love bright yellow ccents here and there. It’s got to be bright now, no wishy-washy pastel yellow for me. I’m talking Selfridge’s yellow. Here it’s teamed with calmer greys, blues and purples. Again the colour scheme is echoed in the colours outside.

I love brick tiling – I designed our own family bathroom last year using them, and visitors always comment on how classy and stylish they are. This colour is beautiful, and I’m glad it’s allowed to shine on its own, with just fresh white basins.

Stunning. And see the wall at the end of the pool? It can also be used as an outdoor cinema screen!! So you could lie in the pool and watch Jaws! (Maybe not. Maybe stick to rom-coms.) How luxurious!

(All images via Sotheby’s Homes)

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One thought on “Palm Beach, Florida

  1. Wow! what a surprise. As you said “unassuming” outside, and so luxurious inside…AND so close to home too. 🙂

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