Geneva Lakehouse, Switzerland

This luxurious lakeside house in Bursinel, Genenva, is nothing short of PHENOMENAL! (Word chosen because I saw the new Muppets film recently – I gleefully hope the “phenomena – do-doo-do-do-do” song gets as stuck in your head as it is in mine.) Described as ‘luxurious lakeside living’ in the alliteration loving brochure, it’s been designed by some serious hot-shots: Axel Vervoordt, who sounds like he should have been a rock star but is in fact a highly esteemed antique dealer, collector and interior designer (check out his 2012 Architectural Digest 100  profile page here); and Martin J. Hallinan, an Irish landscaper, who even though the brochure lauds him up doesn’t appear to have a website, nor much online buzz about him (that I could find).  Nevertheless, the grounds look lovely. But I’m really here for the interiors, and hopefully you are too, so without further ado:

I love a good panelling, me. This swiss pine (or ‘bois d’arolle’ as the brochure has it) is very earthy and grounded, and totally complements that mouth-watering view through the open front door.

More earthy tones in here, which I deduce to be a living room. Nice modern lighting and wall textures add some edge to a classic country feel.

This is the oriental sitting room. What do you mean what’s that? You don’t have one?

I love the artwork in here. The big plain white canvas may be somewhat controversial modern art, but I like it. And the flooring here is my favourite in the whole house.

More classy panelling, working beautifully with nice muted pastel tones. Great ceiling as well.

This bedroom makes me think of an art installation. I feel as though I could throw back the covers of the bed and have myself my own Tracy Emin piece.

For some reason, I find the kitchen a tad disappointing. Am I crazy? I can’t quite place it, but I think it’s too much of the same colour wood. Or it needs to lose those glass cabinet doors. Or… I’m being picky and it’s fine..? Comment! Help me!

Hmm, I like it better from this angle.

The next few are a bit of a window orgy.

Just look at those beautiful baroque-style arched windows…

They are the perfect frame for such a view.

And to end, a jetty. A JETTY. That’s the dream people. That’s the dream.

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2 thoughts on “Geneva Lakehouse, Switzerland

  1. Regarding the picture that was “missing something”. If you didn’t feel it was missing when you were in the room then it was just the angle of the camera shot. This is a gorgeous place. Love the baroque windows.

  2. Wow, amazing house. Artwork is simply amazing …

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