Tex-Tonic House, Paul McAneary Architects

I’ve mentioned I’m in the midst of  my graduate job search, and I’m constantly scouring the internet for any internship opportunities in a creative work environment.  I’d love to get into an architectural/interior design firm just as an admin assistant or receptionist, as a way of getting to know the industry better. I came across Paul McAneary Architects during this search and thought their work was too good to pass up highlighting on here!  They’re a medium sized company working mainly in London, commercially and residentially, and their attitude is to reflect the client’s needs rather than enforcing stylistic beliefs. The company has recently published their own book which is on their website for you to browse through – it’s a lovely little set up, I recommend having a look. This project brief asked for an open loft space, featuring contemporary design blended with high functionality, and boy have these guys delivered. The huge space is grounded by all the natural materials of wood,  stone, and brick, feeling warm and homely. The suspended glass mezzanine and balcony is inspired: it still keeps the living space open, whilst providing the option of more privacy upstairs. It’s one of those spaces you just want to explore!


I love all the space! The ceiling reminds me of  the rebuilt Shakespeare’s Globe.

Amazing fireplace. The asymmetry works perfectly. The lighting at night makes this place look magical, especially around the glass balcony, as it defines its shape very well.

Huge front door made from 200 year old Rhodesian Teak.

I like the flying saucer lights over the dining table. And you can just see the bottom on the wine stacks at the top of this photo. It looks like it’ll glide down into the living space during a party! I don’t believe it does, what with the solid wood mezzanine floor, but still, it’s an cool idea. Might have to bookmark it for my dream home…

I found the kitchen a refreshing surprise. I was expecting a sleek slate, marble or white model perhaps, and instead it’s reallyquite what I would describe as ‘country’. It’s a modern Shaker style, and I like the little wicker storage baskets in the island unit. It’s really homely, and all bathed in the light of those great big windows.

I passed through London on the train yesterday, and I felt such excitement just seeing all the buildings and feeling the vibrancy of the capital! This view reminds me of that feeling. The plant-life lining the windowsill is such a clever idea, and it adds some nature to complement the wonderful view of the typical London architecture.

Textured wall + uplighting = too cool.

More texture, this time accented with slivers of natural light.

This a good canvas for the owner’s own personal tastes. I think I’d put this stool in here.

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