San Antonio, Texas

This house looks very cute and tidy from the outside, doesn’t it? I’m a bit perplexed but the lack of windows, but obviously this is in Texas, which is a lot hotter than little old England here, and so I recognise the need for shutters. The front door gives more than enough curb appeal to compensate. It’s so shiny you can even see the reflection of the garden path. It’s nice to see something new and exciting done with this entry space, so often it’s overlooked. I feel like this door definitely hints at the sort of party place San Antonio is (which I gather from the 10 day fiesta which happens annually in the spring!). This house most definitely has some fun quirky vibes going on: prepare for a lego tyrannosaurus-rex, some blue bunnies in kitchen, and a pig standing on an apple…


I wonder if the vendors of this house work in the art industry? Gallery curators perhaps? They’ve definitely got a distinctive style, and I think everything works really nicely together, what with the circular piece on the wall mirroring the circular shape of the room and the square piece perfectly framed in that doorway.

I love the textured wall piece! Recently I did the set design for a play here at uni, and we papered about 8 flats with old book pages, it looked wonderful, and this reminds me a little of that. I can’t work out whether it’s  material or paper here though.

Great cabinet. Looks quite 17th century to me.

The wire chairs look cool, but I can’t help wondering how comfortable they’d be.

Love a kitchen with a domed skylight!

Nice juxtaposition of cool, smooth marble floors and table against the midnight black velvet (or silks?) chairs.

Look at all the spotlights, this place has to belong to a gallery curator.

All the hints of green really the make the picture the focal point of the room.

Gorgeous fireplace. I’m inclined to say that its not an original feature, but was brought in by the owners.

Ah! There’s a window for me! And it’s a nice sash as well, so my window love is satisfied!

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