Chelsea, London

So I’m looking at only about 3 more months of being in education, and as such I thought that while having no essays or deadlines or rehearsals to get to might be great – time to myself yeah! – I realised that actually I get bored pretty easily and really am best engaged in something. Sooo I thought might as well try to get a job. One of those things. My internet scouring for jobs that I could do led me to a website (called ‘’ which raised eyebrows every time I told people about my job search before I clarified the pun) for admin and secretarial jobs. Ideally I’d like to do some work like this in an interior design/architecture firm just to earn money whilst I figure out what I would like to do (whether to become an interior or not, bascially). And this relates to today’s post why? Because I’ve applied to seven jobs, all in London! Some of them even in Chelsea. Tenuous? Sorry. I’ll hush, just look at this beaut of a home.

Mezzanine! Also loving the floor.

What a great window. Triple aspect, this place. Just think of all the light!

I never thought baths needed a step to them, but now I want that wooden step.

Nice, but needs some artwork.

Loving the mirrored bath panel.

Lovely.Cool coffee tale. And I have a secret love for L-shaped sofas.

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