Marylebone, London

I love Georgian properties. It’s the beautiful sash windows and consequently the wonderful light that floods the well proportioned rooms that just sing to me! It’s the type of house I’d love to live in at some point. And this house is right up my street. (No doubt this blog is getting quite repetitive of my interior design style, so I’ll try and mix it up a bit more!) But fiiiiiirst!

I wish there was picture of the whole front of the house, as it’s spread over six floors and is no doubt pretty spectacular!

I like the black edging on the curtains, it defines those lovely windows.

Loving all the slinky lines here. Modern but soft.

Light + mirrors + wood + white = yes please.

I really like that coffee table. And the idea of two adjoining sitting rooms (/ I think one’s a study).

Love the rug! And the mirror clock. And the radiators.

Barcelona chair. But of course.  Yet another sitting room! There are six overall.

I love looking out over rooftops. I’m not sure if I could sit in the TIGER PRINT WICKER CHAIRS  (!!) but I am going as a tiger to a fancy dress jungle party next week so I should really get on board. I do like the different shades of aqua/turquoise, and the black skirting makes it v. Art Deco.

Great rooftop window feature. Kinda reminds me of the Titanic though…

Liking the walnut kitchen (including walnut veneer fridge that you can see the photographer in!).

One of the eight bedrooms.

I think the Louis Ghost chair phase should be over now.. I am really loving the black radiators though!

Best bathroom I’ve seen yet? I’m a shower girl for time purposes, but I feel like if I lived here there’d be plenty of time to loll around in my circular bath. And actually, there are nine bathrooms, but only this one pictured, so no doubt there’s an epic shower somewhere. Oh yes, that’s right in the “gymnasium with shower room”.

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