Converted Wiltshire Chapel

This place is from a really cool website, The Modern House, I recommend checking it out if you like your glass walls and mid century design. I was first introduced to it because my friend’s parents were selling their house and used these guys, and it’s still up there actually, I should feature it sometime. I stayed there last Christmas because heavy snow caused me to be stranded in London as I was trying to get home, and luckily I was travelling with Ruby and she put me up for the night. Seeing it on such a cool site makes me feel privileged!  (In the meantime, I’ll leave you guessing with these two hints: it’s in London and it under a million. Also the sofa I slept on is pictured. Claim to fame, eh?)

Anyhoo, back to this beaut. It’s in the south east of England, in the same county as Stonehenge, known for its rolling valleys and country houses. This converted chapel is wonderful.  Excellent foundations are often the key to beautiful houses, and here I find it’s the windows, original stone walls and the parquet flooring that provide a perfect canvas for the furniture and fittings. The mix of light and dark works really well and the gold wall is totally inspiring – the goal of all creative types, surely? It’s this interior and exterior design combined with the beautifully captured light in these photos which make this home look magical.

(p.s. I hope the dog is included)

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